A Silent Voice Dubbed: Great Movie

Hello everyone! It is time for another blog. Wahoo! So lets get right into it. This time I will be discussing A Silent Voice: English Dubbed. Yesterday my husband and I went to go see it at a nearby theater. They had a subbed and dubbed playing on different days, but we were only able […]

Writing: Why I love to write.

Hello everyone, I made it on time for a Friday, finally. Well let me see, it has been sort of an eventful week. I guess if you think binge watching Criminal Minds for most of it is eventful, then yes it has been a busy busy week. All jokes aside the real topic of this […]

Continuing from last blog.

Hello all, I am once again sorry for this late blog. Maybe if leave a sticky note near my computer I will remember to write something on here. I remember to do it, it’s just when I am about to fall asleep. I then tell myself, “Oh well, I can just write it tomorrow.” Then […]

Snowy weekend: Got new games!

Hey people of the blog world. Sorry that once again I am a little late posting again. (Great way to start off  my new year ha!) Anyways, I hope everyone has had a great week! It started snowing yesterday, and is still snowing now. My husband and I just got back from playing in the […]