Hello my readers and non-readers who have just become readers; welcome back to an awkward blog. Woo! Why is it so awkward, you may ask? Well, it is because sometimes these posts are written on a whim! 😀 Yay, for last minute posting! Because I am great at doing this! (Insert nervous laugh here.)

Anyways, this week I am going to be discussing the manga, Assassination Classroom. Now I have already seen the anime, but I have recently been reading the manga as well. So with that being said, let us begin…….



Now first when reading the manga you can definitely tell the differences, because not all manga is exactly like the anime. Either way, the story is about an evil octopus that destroyed half of the moon and will be destroying the world within a year. It is up to Class E to assassinate him before that time. Why that class? Well because they are kind of like the rejects at their school. In addition, their classroom is way up this hill far away from the actual school. Why did they ask those students to assassinate him? Well because the octopus guy wanted to each that class in exchange for them getting the chances to kill him. However, he cannot be killed by regular bullets and knives; he can only be killed by these rubber pellets as well as these rubber knives. In the manga they call them anti-me weapons; in addition, the other students cannot harm each other while trying to assassinate him.

He didn’t really have a name before coming to this school, so Class E decided his name was going to be Koro-Sensei.  He is a very strange and interesting creature, but the class ends up liking him and his weird ways of teaching. Karasuma, who brought Koro-Sensei to the classroom, begins working there to keep an eye on him while also training the students about how to assassinate. However, another assassin, Irina, soon comes into beginning teaching the kids in language, only really there to kill Koro-Sensei. Her attempt fails and she earns the name Ms. Vitch. I believe it is different in the anime, unless they say her name super quickly and it sounds like another word.

I am only on volume 5, but I know more adventures await in this wonderful manga….. I mean I already know what happens, but like I said manga can be different than the anime.

Well, that is all for this week,

Until next time,


assassination classroom


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